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Learning Diary

Day 1

Application layer

Top level of stack

(Application layer protocols, protocol = established agreed way of sharing info)


using telnet in terminal to connect to

Commands in terminal -

telnet 80


port 80, default port for HTTP connections. IMAP/POP, port 143

DNS = domain name server, basically a server that knows what name links to what ip address of the server.

For eg. to access, TLD = top level DNS which redirects to local .fi DNS which would send to aalto DNS so on...

Look up - ICANN,

Transport layer

TCP Transmission control protocol Checks for connections, if everything is ok, errors etc., it guarantees that the information that is requested, will be received in whole without drops etc. retransmits lost packages.

UDP user datagram protocol = gets the data as fast as possible, but no guarantees for drops or right order etc., no error correction.


Internet layer, handles routing of connections , independent of hardware. Traceroute in terminal/network utility shows the routes through multiple servers.

ssh in terminal is the way to connect to a remote computer.

ls lists files on the computer.

nano, text editor for terminal.

Day 3

using PHP to make a random counter

Day 4

Using PHP to implement web store basics.

Day 5


using databases to manage the webstore. We will be using LAMP stack for managing this. LAMP = linux, apache, mySQL, php

$ mysql -u php-server -p , means that we will me authenticating user php with a password. ' my sql commands are always in all caps and are followed by semicolons at the end. for eg. SHOW DATABASE;

Creating a atable in a database,

mysql> CREATE TABLE `person` (

   -> `first_name` VARCHAR(250) COLLATE UTF8_SWEDISH_CI,
   -> `last_name` VARCHAR(250) COLLATE UTF8_SWEDISH_CI,
   -> PRIMARY KEY (`id`)
   -> );

USE BACK TICKS AND NOT APOSTROPHES. ``````````````````````vs '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''