Robot petting zoo

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Documentation of project done for Aalto + flow alt ctrl games project. Project done in collaboration with Sanni



Theo Jansen's amazing Strandbeests

more strandbeest's

Keio University robotic mechanisms lab 1:54 - 2:09

simple jumping bot


Workshop week

1. Multiple ideas , idea with caleb, (find video ) 2. Robot petting zoo 3. Building version 1 with attiny and capsense and sound (upload videos ) 4. Photoshoot with version 1

After workshop

1. Meeting with Sanni, discuss ideas and plans 2. Building robots out of the materials from the recycling centre 3. Simplifying the plan to 2 levels, soft robotics + the angry robots 4. Shifting the robots from attiny to teensy 3.2 5. touch inputs creating problem, shifting to mpr121 cap sense board 6. Simplifying the robot, 3d printed shell 7. Helping Matti with sample box gluing and oiling 8. Making soft robotic gripper 9. Designing the inside of the box, layout of upper shelf and bottom 10. Material shopping with Sanni 11. Material exploration with Sanni. Designing first robot 12. Fitting electronics on first robot 13. programming game logic on first robot 14. making fast pneumatic actuator - soft robotics 15. designing the triangular actuator 16. box making 17. designing the shell to have holes for motor + neo-pixel 18.